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The experiences I’ve had and skills I developed growing up in the urban city Paterson, NJ were more beneficial to my success than those I acquired through an Ivy League school and 8+ years as a management consultant working for Fortune 500 clients. As an artist, my innate creativity, especially with people, was honed through my personal development as I was forced to constantly problem solve with limited resources in order to enter and thrive in a “white collar” environment.  This, for me — is easy. I am easy.


Since I was a child, I’ve enjoyed basking with humans - observing, listening, empathizing, and asking a TON of questions. This, for me — is fun.  I am fun.


I’m also non-judgmental and able to make you feel comfortable enough to open up and provide me with information you wouldn't think you'd give, but is important for us to understand your current state and developing a plan for getting to your desired future state. This, for me — is my most effective trait.  I am effective.


Working in a corporate environment, focusing on Learning & Development, Leadership Development, and Change Management, has made me realize how helping my clients and colleagues advance professionally and personally is my strength.  Even if it comes easy and natural (and more interesting than building stupid PowerPoint presentations), it is still very demanding.  As a result — I am demanding.


Just as it should be with anyone you’re seeking to develop a relationship with —  I’m easy, fun, effective, demanding, and not for everyone.  


Now please ensure you read the “About YOU” page to determine if we are a match.




Certified Professional Coach

LCIOC (ICF Accredited Program)


Master of Arts in Social Organizational Psychology 

Columbia University - Teachers College

(ICF accredited school with coursework in Executive Coaching, Leadership Development, and Learning & Development, and Organizational Change)


Bachelor of Arts in Research Psychology; Minor in Sociology and Anthropology

University of Connecticut

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