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Everyone is creative, but how it's manifested and leveraged is different.  Whether you're, by definition, a more "creative" type looking to tap into their "business" side OR a more "business" type looking to tap into their "creative" side,  BOTH share a common goal -- seeking to unravel their potential by making a professional or personal change.  As a result, from management consultant, to software engineers, to performing/visual artists, I've worked across role demographics with individuals looking to either gain the skills and capabilities needed for advancement or looking for a complete change altogether.


Before contacting me, my clients know there is something they want to change and, more importantly, are willing to change. Sometimes they don’t know what that “something” is, which is fine as we work together to figure it out.


My clients are honest.  I’m not being paid to be a friend, therefore, full transparency is needed for me to evolve you. However, sometimes when my more “shy” clients aren’t immediately honest, they are at least open to owning their bullshit when I call them out on it.  It’s natural for humans to have defense mechanisms and BS'ing is one of them.


My clients are open to building a relationship with discomfort again.  Vulnerability is a characteristic needed to embrace discomfort and allow oneself to feel the beauty of the transformation into whatever is being sought.  So be to accept discomfort and be willing to take the steps needed to help get you to whatever your desired future state is.            


I push clients in a direction that allows them to face themselves, which isn’t always easy but eventually leaves them feeling brave and courageous. 


I expect the ALL OF THE ABOVE as my style requires me to work with special people!

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